We believe creating a responsible creative community by mentoring, supporting and motivating budding creators to deliver meaningful impacts within our societies. 

Let's together build a great culture for our tomorrow!

Encouraging the spirit of innovation and creativity by mentoring, supporting and building a community of responsible creators who can become enablers of positive change for an ethical tomorrow!

Our Mission 

Looking for Angel Mentors!

If you are a designer who wants to give back to the society, willing to broaden the horizons of young designers by sharing your experience, and ready to join a cause to make a better creative community, We need you!

Why Think Ethical?

Design education being explorative in nature is highly dependent on a culture of powerful conversations and collaborations between fellow designers to bring about a holistic learning experience for students.

With the current pandemic situation with millions of students at home we strive to rejuvenate this culture of peer to peer learning in institutes by connecting students to industry experts. 


We believe that bringing in designers and domain experts from across fields into their curriculum could motivate budding designers to explore and learn more!

About us

We are a group of young hyper-enthusiastic designers from various fields who believe in the power of peer to peer learning. Together with our partners, we are hell-bent to make design learning more effective. 


Midhun Krishnakumar

Founder @ Think Ethical


Piyush Kumar

Co-Founder @ Think Ethical


Ameen Ul Insan

Co-Founder @ Think Ethical


Aditya Karra

Co-Founder @ Think Ethical


"What I am still learning about Design"

An Introspective talk on experiences and learnings from a journey in Design


G A Vikram

Design Consultant & Educator

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Friday, 25 June, 2021

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11am - 1pm

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Funds generated by Think Ethical events are directed towards providing better opportunities to support the creative community. Help us do good by,

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